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AR 27-10

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What is the time limit to execute an Article 15?

Is there an army regulation that covers suspense times to issue NJP (Article 15s etc.)? The date of the incident was 20 June 2011, I was flagged 28 July 2011, and it is now 23 August 2011. It was for an article 92 violation. Thanks TOP!.. Read the Answer»

Can an Article 15 proceeding be conducted in front of a formation?

Having a dispute with higher NCOs, can a Article 15 be presented to the SM during a company formation in front of the SM's peers? Is there regulations that protects the SM? I believe this is wrong to do and two, something like this needs to be done behind closed doors with the SM's squad/platoon leaders and/or 1SG/CO... Read the Answer»

What can I do if I believe my punishment during the Article 15 process did not fit the infraction?

My husband and I, and both Soldiers. He received an article 15 and both feel his punishment was to severe. He was 15 mins late due to my Emergency Room trips, which his unit was aware of. It has been almost 2 months since it happened. Both events happened in a 60 day period. He cannot reenlist and cannot obtain rank fast enough to be eligible to reup. Hes never had any issues before, first time ever being in trouble. Hes really wanting to re enlist for his 3 rd time... Read the Answer»

Can my leader recommend an Article 15 because he did not like the essay I turned in for corrective training?

The requirements for Corrective Training are outlined in:AR 600-20, AR 27-10, FM 27-1, and FM 7-22.7. Doctrine Tells us Corrective Training must not be used as punishment or appear to be punishment must relate directly to the observed deficiency

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Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide

This is a Sergeant Audie Murphy Club Study Guide. It can be used to study the information you need to know to prepare to go in front of the SAMC Board.  It has sections covering the Motto, History of the …Read More

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Prepare DA Form 4430, DD Forms 2707, and DD Forms 2704 Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that teaches how to Prepare DA Form 4430 Department of the Army Report of Result of Trial, DD Form 2707 Confinement Order and DD Form 2704 Victim/Witness Certification and Election Concerning Prisoner Status that are required to be filled …Read More

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Military Justice Class/Briefing

Class / briefing that covers military justice. It is intended to teach how to identify the principles of military justice including criminal misconduct, jurisdiction, investigations, soldiers’ rights, search and seizure, restriction, administrative separations, non-judicial and judicial punishments, and unlawful command influence. …Read More

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Miitary Justice Overview Class/Briefing

Class/briefing that reviews AR 27-10, AR 600-20 and other elements of the Military Justice system including Article 15’s. NOTES: Some references listed in this doc might have been superseded and/or updated and should be checked for accuracy, which can be …Read More

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AR 27-10 Military Justice

This regulation prescribes the policies and procedures pertaining to the administration of military justice and implements the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM), United States, 2008, and the Rules for Courts-Martial contained in the MCM.

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