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If 2 Individuals of the Same Rank Are Signing a Document Whose Name Goes on the Right?

On the signature block, if the two people signing are the same rank, who do you put on the left, and who do you put on the right? or do you put both names on the right?.. Read the Answer»

AR 145-2 Organization, Administration, Operation, and Support

This regulation provides command policy and guidance for the standardization and execution of the Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps/ National Defense Cadet Corps Program in high schools. Applicability: This regulation applies to Army Cadet Command, USACC Region headquarters, and major …Read More

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AR 1-9 White House Liaison, Communications, and Inspections

This regulation includes policies for processing and responding to White House communications.

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AR 1-75 Administrative and Logistical Support of Overseas Security Assistance Organizations (SAOs)

Purpose: This regulation prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures for the administrative and logistical support of organizations, teams, and individuals performing security assistance activities in overseas areas.

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AR 1-33 The Army Memorial Program

Purpose: This regulation sets— a. Policies, procedures, and responsibilities for the memorialization of deceased persons who distinguished themselves, and dedication in the name of living persons in accordance with a condition of a gift given to either the United States …Read More

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AR 1-21 Administrative Space Management

Purpose: This regulation prescribes policies, responsibilities, and procedures concerned with the management, utilization and reporting of administrative space located in the National Capital Region (NCR). [drain  file 299 show arms]

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AR 1-202 Army Congressional Fellowship Program

Purpose: The purpose of the Army Congressional Fellowship Program (ACFP) is to educate and train selected Army officers and civilians in all aspects of congressional activities, emphasizing those matters regarding the Department of Defense (DOD). The program provides an understanding …Read More

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AR 1-201 Army Inspection Policy

Summary: This regulation prescribes the responsibilities and policies for the planning and conducting of inspections in Army organizations. It includes policies on command, staff, and inspector general inspections; and prescribes policies for the integration of inspections into an organizational inspection …Read More

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AR 1-20 Legislative Liaison

Purpose: This regulation sets forth the responsibilities, policies, and procedures of the Department of the Army (DA) for legislative and congressional activities.

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AR 1-15 Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army

Purpose: This regulation defines Department of the Army policy concerning the composition, mission, requirements, and operation of the Civilian Aides to the Secretary of the Army (CASA) Program. It also outlines the procedures for the selection and appointment of Civilian …Read More

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AR 1-101 Gifts for Distribution to Individuals

Purpose and scope: This AR regulates accepting certain types of gifts for distribution to military personnel. It does not supersede or circumvent any restrictions on accepting gifts under other AR’s. It does not apply to gifts per AR 1–100, since …Read More

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AR 1-100 Gifts and Donations

Purpose: This regulation sets policies and procedures for accepting and administering gifts to the Army that are subject to United States Code. It also gives authorization, direction, and information on accepting certain gifts not covered by that statute, but covered …Read More

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