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Counselor: Army Counseling Software

Counselor: Army Counseling Software

Counselor is the premiere software for army counseling. With over 250 examples complete with checklists, and nearly 80 categories each covering a different topic, no counseling guide has ever been more extensive.


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This software is licensed for authorized use by 1 user, on 1 computer at any given time. Compatible with Windows PCs only. Internet Connection and Administrator Privileges are needed for successful Install.

Often useful when there is no personal help available, Counselor offers advice and checklists written by non-commissioned officers. Close to 80 Army regulations and referenced material are used in the Counselor and full versions of all of them are available to read on the program. Savable and editable lists can be generated and can be used to keep track of Soldiers and who has accomplished what. These lists also provide the entire counseling history of each Soldier and the user can make notes about them. In case of a purchase for multiple people, Counselor supports VLK: volume licensing. Keys are stored on the web and are easily trackable.

Examples provided in the program include: AGCM—Recommendation To Disapprove of Late Submission of Recommendation, Driver’s Badge Recommended, Driver’s Badge Not Recommended, Mechanic’s Badge Recommended, Mechanic’s Badge Not Recommended, Award Letters of Lateness, Award Upgraded, Change of Command, Declination of NCOES (Reserve Component), Declining a PME or NCOES Attendance Date, Disenrollment for Misconduct, Disenrollment from PME, GT Improvement, Tuition Assistance Request,WLC Checklist, WLC Enrollment and hundreds more.