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Counsel Quick: Volume 1 US Army Counselling Preparation Software (Windows)

Counsel Quick: Volume 1, US Army Counselling Preparation Software (Windows)

Counsel Quick: Volume 1 aids in the creation of US Army Counselling Sessions by guiding the user through samples, references, and forms. Volume 1 is the first of 3 Volumes and focuses on counselling sessions used by First Line Leaders.


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This software is licensed for authorized use by 1 user, on 1 computer at any given time. Compatible with Windows PCs only. Internet Connection and Administrator Privileges are needed for successful Install.

The 3 Counsel Quick Software programs are made to provide assistance to US Army leaders in the creation of counselling sessions. Counsel Quick Vol. 1 currently runs Version 2.0. This version boasts editable templates, a counselling tracker, and the feature of automatically looking for updates.

Just a few of the sections included are: Quarterly Performance Counseling NCO, Diagnostic APFT Failure, Borderline Overweight Prior to NCOES and much more.