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Review of Part-Time Army Officer Guide

Review of Part-Time Army Officer Guide:
How to have a successful career as a National Guard or Army Reserve Officer

By Mark Gerecht

Recently I was provided the opportunity to review a copy of the Part-Time Army Officer Guide: How to have a successful career as a National Guard or Army Reserve Officer by Charles Holmes.  Right off the bat I was impressed with the amount of information Charles provides at the reasonable price of $37.00.

army-officer-guide-cover-225x300Contents:  The set includes four CDs.  CD 1: contains pdfs of the Ebooks:  Army Officer Guide and an Officer & NCO Career Planning Course, The remaining CDs contain audio files that include, CD 2: contains 37 Career Tips for Part Time Army Officers, CD3 contains: Top 10 Career Q&A of Part-Time Army Officers, CD4 contains: The Officer-NCO Relationship.

posted on 01/09/2014 under Site News
Mark is a Retired Command Sergeant Major with 26 years of military leadership experience. He held 3 military occupational specialties (Field Artillery, Nuclear Weapons Tech, and Ammunition Ordnance). Mark is one of the leading military authors in the fields of leadership, counseling, and training..

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  • LTC Gregory Davis


    From my fighting position, there is no “part time” anything in the National Guard. If leaders at all levels are not fully committed and prepared to expend what time is necessary, including all non-drill day, then it may be time to reconsider the committment to our Nation’s military.

    • Mark Gerecht


      Totally concur from the commitment aspect but I also strongly believe we are asking a lot of our Guard and Reserve counterparts that must also feed their families and pay their bill, while simultaneously commanding. If a Leader is not a 110% dedicated to their job they have no business in the position. Unfortunately our Guard and Reserve counterparts have few resources available to them, written specifically for them, by someone who has been there, done that, and was successful. While there may be disagreement with the title the information is valid.

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