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Coming Soon: AskTOP video Q&A

iPad mounted on a Caddie Buddy mount

If you happen to be on the lookout for ways to film with your iPad, check out Caddie Buddy.

We aren’t very happy with the quality of the AskTOP introduction video. We have been working to refine our process ever since our initial foray into video recording. The camcorder we used is subpar, the script was lacking, and we had to fight a wicked echo in post production.

One day someone had the bright idea to check out the video quality on our office iPad and compare it to the video we captured with the ancient camcorder. Lo and behold, the new iPad is an excellent video recorder. I found a very cool iPad tripod mount online and I have been waiting in anticipation for its arrival.

That day came last week. I finally got a chance to play with it yesterday and it is a slick accessory. There are a few different options out there on the market and this one is a little more expensive than most… but it also has some features that most iPad tripod mounts lack.

With that problem crossed off the list, we are another step closer to uploading some more videos for you YouTube-types out there. There are definitely times when I don’t feel like reading and would rather sit back and watch a clip instead.

As far as the echo problem goes, we’ve been considering building a makeshift recording booth with some sound deadening material and some thick canvas curtains or something similar. We have a big conference room and lots of space to play with, but it has high ceilings and has generally terrible acoustics. I’m excited to be heading in the right direction at least. Hopefully we will be able get a couple of test shoots done and have some new videos up in a few weeks.

posted on 06/12/2012 under Site News
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