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Will being flagged prevent me from going to a military school?

So I was involved in a fight I have an ATTRS slot to go airborne school. Does being flagged remove me from attending school?

Excerpt of AR 600-8-2

AR 600-8-2 paragraph 3-1f Actions Prohibited by a Flag states:  f. Attendance at military or civilian schools. The waiver approval authority for attendance at military or civilian schools is the DCS, G–3/5/7 (DAMO–TR).

 Good News/Bad News

The technical answer is “Yes” it should prevent you from going to school. More than likely if your are still flagged when your school date comes then you will not be able to attend schooling.  If your flag is lifted before your school date and your Battalion Schools NCO has not canceled your slot because of the flag then you should be able to attend.

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posted on 07/06/2015 under Q&A
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