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What is the time limit to execute an Article 15?

Is there an army regulation that covers suspense times to issue NJP (Article 15s etc.)? The date of the incident was 20 June 2011, I was flagged 28 July 2011, and it is now 23 August 2011. It was for an article 92 violation. Thanks TOP!

Let’s look at another example: Let’s say you are being charged with disrespect to a NCO, but the NCO was basically trying to provoke you into being disrespectful and there were witnesses that saw the NCO provoking you. In this example a few options are possible: usually you would still get the Article 15 with very light punishment, because your were in fact disrespectful, or you would not receive punishment at all because the NCO had intent to provoke you and was unprofessional. In cases like this where there are witnesses the Commander will usually take action against the NCO that ranges from a butt chewing to an Article 15. The Commander has a lot of latitude in the Article 15 process.

posted on 03/10/2017 under Q&A
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