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What is the acceptable time limit for “temporary profiles?”

I have a new Soldier who showed up to the unit with a temporary profile that he has had for around thirteen months. I know that temporary means that an expiration date is involved, and thirteen months sounds a little excessive. Is this within regulation?

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Your instincts are correct. A temporary profile must be shorter than twelve months, according to regulation. If it needs to be longer than twelve months, the Soldier in question needs to obtain a permanent profile.  See AR 40-501, Chapter 7 for details on this topic.

posted on 05/25/2012 under Q&A
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    This happens alot but since the medical system takes forever to med board soldiers, a temporary profile for this length or time is not out of the ordinary. I would send him to sick call or talk with your battalion’s PA to determine what course of action is appropriate. Med board or recovery profile should be the two options.

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