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What action can be taken against a Soldier that almost got a DUI downtown?

Can I take action if a Soldier ALMOST gets a DUI?

AR 190-5 (Motor Vehicle Traffic Supervision) para 2-7 covers when GOMORs will be issued for DUI offenses.

If the Soldier refused a Breathalyzer then paragraph 2-7a(2) applies.  If they tested over .08 or violated the local state law for DUI then para 2-7a(3) dictates a GOMOR.  The reason I state this is some states, you can have less than .08 but get a DUI if you were pulled over for speeding, weaving, or any other traffic infraction and you had any amount of alcohol detected by a Breathalyzer.

So, even though the Soldier was not cited by local police for DUI, the Soldier may still be in line for a GOMOR.

posted on 06/20/2014 under Q&A
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