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Soldier is on a temporary profile with an alternate event. He was given a “For Record” APFT & passed then he was told the test did not count- Can they do that?

Top I think my leadership is not applying the regulation correctly. I have a Soldier on temporary profile. The Soldier is authorized to take an alternate event for the APFT. He was given a "For Record" APFT after the Soldier passed the test the Soldier was told the Test did not count because he was on a Temporary Profile. Can you shed some light on this...I don't think this is right.

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It depends.  There are several gates that need to be met in order to an APFT to be considered a “Valid FOR RECORD” test
The doctrine that covers APFT testing are AR 350-1 and FM 7-22.
What constitutes a “FOR RECORD” Test?

1.  The APFT must be announced as a RECORD TEST at the beginning of the test.  If  the test was marked as a Record test on the APFT form they cannot go back and change the status of the test, if the test meets all requirements.  In addition to be considered a Record test, the APFT must be completed within a certain time frame. For specifics see the extracts of AR 350-1 below:

AR 350-1 para 1-24e(2) Commanders may administer the APFT as often as they wish; however, they must specify beforehand when the results are for record.
AR 350-1 para 1-24e To be considered a record test, these events must be completed within two hours
from the start of the pushup event until completion of the 2-mile run or alternate aerobic event. (See repetition and time guidelines in FM 21–20.) Record APFT scores will be annotated on a DA Form 705 (Army Physical Fitness Test

2. You state the Soldier is on a temporary profile.  In order to qualify to take the APFT with an alternate event the Soldier must be on a temporary profile that exceeds 3 months (90 days) to take an alternate event.  For specifics see the extracts of AR 350-1 below:

AR 350-1 para 1-24e: For Soldiers on a permanent profile or an extended temporary profile (more than three months), a record test must include an aerobic event. The only approved aerobic events are the 2-mile run, 800-yard swim, 6.2-mile bike ride (stationary or track), or the 2.5-mile walk. Soldiers on permanent profile or a temporary profile of long duration (more than three months) will receive point scores for only those events taken. For example, if a Soldier has a permanent profile for the 2-mile run event and score 70 points in the pushup, 85 points in the situp and receives a “GO” for the 2.5 mile Walk, he will receive a score of 155 points in the total score column of the DA Form 705 (see FM 21–20 for APFT scoring).

3. If the Soldier is on a temporary profile they must be given 90 days to prepare for their alternate event before they can be given a For Record APFT Test. For specifics see the extracts of AR 350-1 below:

AR 350-1 para 1-24e(3) Soldiers with temporary profiles of long duration (more than 3 months) may also take an alternate test if approved by the commander and health care personnel. Soldiers must be given 3 months to prepare for the alternate test from either the date of the profile or the date recommended by health care personnel

Summary: If the Soldier has a temporary profile that was 3 months or more in length and the profile authorizes an alternate event, and the Soldier has been given at least 3 months to prepare for the alternate event, the Soldier can be given a For Record APFT.  In addition if the APFT was announced as a “For Record” test the and the Soldier meets all of the  other requirements we discussed above the status of the test cannot be changed.  If these condition were met then the Soldier should receive credit for the Record APFT Test.

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