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I received 2 counseling statements for the color of my nail polish- What can my they really do to me?

I got my second counseling statement today because of the color of my nail polish. What happens when you get two?


Short Answer

Alot and if you have a poor attitude and tone about the issue…It might become incredibly painful to include loss of pay and rank.


You may not see this as a serious issue but the fact that you received 2 counselings for one standard says you need might need to check yourself.  This is not personal and your leader is not acting upon personal preference or feeling.  They are upholding a punitive standard of AR 670-1.

A counseling statement is not required to recommend a Soldier for an Article 15 or a requirement for  Corrective Training.  The counseling statement is a good way to document the actions and recommendations of the leader as well as provide a plan of action for the Soldier to improve. It also provides the Soldier the ability to document their side of the issue in the session closing block of the counseling statement.

posted on 11/18/2016 under Q&A
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  • Mark Gerecht


    He can recommend you for an Article 15. You could lose Rank, Pay, and have extra duty. If the conduct persiste he could recommend separation. That is the how it works if things are really bad. If the leader is being overbearing someone in your chain of command will listen. Just be calm, factual, and professional in your approach. Keep in mind you have the option to Agree/Disagree and/or write a statement on each counseling statement.
    My apologies for the delay in responding.

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