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I just got put on assignment orders. How can I get them deleted?

I recently found out as I checked my AKO that I have been placed on assignment orders to Ft. Polk, LA. How can I request to get them deleted?

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Getting put on assignment can be stressful to any Soldier. When a Soldier is placed on assignment to a duty location they do not want to go to, or they just do not want to leave their current duty assignment for a number of reasons, there is still a way out of it–though everyone should be aware that a request for an assignment deletion is never guaranteed. Branch managers at HRC place Soldiers on assignment for a variety of reasons, and they are only ones who can tell you what that reason is. Because of this, deletions, though not impossible, are a matter of timing, unit strength, and justification.

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MacArthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo is an Active Duty First Sergeant and has served in the Army for 15 years to date with 9 years of service as a Human Resources Specialist. Currently, he serves as the First Sergeant for Hammer Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 2d Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA. Mackie has served in Korea, Ft. Carson, CO, Schofield Barracks, HI, twice in Afghanistan, and twice in Iraq accumulating over 59 months of overseas service. He believes that the "personnel" aspect of a Soldier's career is a big factor in their morale and readiness and is determined to assist Soldiers in their professional development by providing sound advice and clarification of ongoing policies, regulations, and procedures.

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  • SPC G


    I arrived in Korea without dependents, few weeks later my command sponsorship was approved. That automatically extended my time here to 2 years. I recently check my orders and it stated that I had a new assignment back in the states. ON my ERB its has my next duty station projected for this year, but my DEROS on the ERB is for next year. Could I still leave this year since they made that error. I wouldn’t mind being stateside. My company is tracking that my DEROS is not until next year, & I spoke to my branch manager about this, but she never fixed it. Despite the times I called.

    • Mark Gerecht


      SPC G., Generally in situations like this it is considered a technical error and you will be required to remain in Korea based on your original orders.

  • concerned wife


    Hi, my husband has unaccompanied orders to South Korea. He’s been in 10 years, been through multiple combat deployments and never been in trouble. However, he’s an alcoholic and just successfully completed the militaries 30 day in-patient (highest level) substance abuse program. He has a continuing care plan to stay in this program as an outpatient for another year. He was told that the medical facilities in SK can accommodate this but anyone who has been stationed there knows this is the worse assignment to get for a recovering alcoholic, especially when unaccompanied. DUI rates are one of the highest in the Army in SK, no AA meeting sites (that he’s usually attends several times/week). The environment will only compromise his sobriety which compromises his health, mentally & physically, and also his career. The plan is to get a memo from his provider stating this but have been told that its ultimately up to HRC. Have you seen orders get deleted in his type of situation or can estimate probability? Any advice would be appreciated, TY!!

  • Sgt M


    So I did a operational deletion of my assignment because my unit needed me due to sort numbers and ncos. So the deletion happens it goes all the way to my division. Turns out the orders to deploy have been cut. Is there anyway possible to get back on my assignment or perhaps choose another.

  • Akeena e


    My husband is a cook in Korea and he just received orders to fort Polk. Is there anyway to have his orders changed? He doesn’t come back for another 5 months.

  • Brandon


    In August 2015 I reenlisted to go to germany in may 2016. Those orders ended up disappearing somehow and now I have orders to go in march of 2017, and I have a dependent and my ets date is august 2019 is there any way I can get out of those orders since I was the one that reenlisted for them for a sooner date rather than the date on the orders

  • Sgt G


    I recently got dropped from the q course at Fort bragg. I called hrc to get on assignment to stay here. They said I’ve been here too long and it’s not good for career progression. They have me 3 options, hood, bliss or wainright. I spoke with my old company 1sg and csm, they spoke to hrc rep and told him they had a spot for me, I’d get the position I needed for career progression and soon after get promoted. Hrc rep said they’d look into it but nothing is for sure.
    Yesterday I spoke the hr rep at swc, she told me there were plenty of positions open at bragg and other airborne assignments, and that I’m already pending orders to fort riley kansas.
    So knowing I couldn’t stay at bragg I wanted to ask for fort hood, but now I’m guessing it’s too late? Is there anything I can do?

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