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I am already promotable and need to add points, what do I do?

I recently went to the board and now need to add points. What are the procedures? I've already been integrated onto the Promotion Standing list and my current points are reflecting on my ERB but I need to add more.

After you have been boarded and integrated to the Promotion Standing List, you should see your BN S1 for any eMILPO (personnel) updates or your training NCO for ATRRS (training) updates. After updates have been made, you need to verify your Promotion Point Worksheet (PPW) for correct promotion points by comparing your PPW with your ERB and training records.

posted on 04/12/2011 under Q&A
MacArthur D. "Mackie" Ocampo is an Active Duty First Sergeant and has served in the Army for 15 years to date with 9 years of service as a Human Resources Specialist. Currently, he serves as the First Sergeant for Hammer Company, 1st Battalion, 17th Infantry Regiment, 2d Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 2d Infantry Division at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA. Mackie has served in Korea, Ft. Carson, CO, Schofield Barracks, HI, twice in Afghanistan, and twice in Iraq accumulating over 59 months of overseas service. He believes that the "personnel" aspect of a Soldier's career is a big factor in their morale and readiness and is determined to assist Soldiers in their professional development by providing sound advice and clarification of ongoing policies, regulations, and procedures.

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  • Mackie


    It is somewhat odd that your PPW updated before your ERB did. The ERB you are referencing, did you pull it off of AKO or did your S1 pull it off of eMILPO? MyERB on AKO usually takes longer to reflect the changes. Get with your S1 to find out what the deal is. Both should match by now.

    • oscar


      I pulled it off of ako. I also notice that on my erb my college had updated but still not the points section. I can’t remember if the (p) supposed to be by my name on there? I got it done on friday so maybe I should give it 72 hours which is wednesday

      • Mackie


        The ERB you pulled off of AKO may not be fully updated yet. I suggest you go to your S1 and ask them for a copy from eMILPO. No “P” is supposed to be next to your rank or name.

  • oscar vanve


    I just got my promotion point worksheet updated last week, the worksheet is reading 644 and my erb is reading 617 will the affect me from making cutoff? or do they go off the worksheet?

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