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Do I get a copy of my NCOER counseling?

My rater is conducting counseling sessions like the reg says but I don't have a copy of the counseling sessions. Can I get them?

See DA PAM 623-3

When the initial discussion is completed, the rated Soldier and rater provide initials on the Support Form, the date entered represents the date initial counseling occurred. The rater will then forward the form to the senior rater. The senior rater should have a face-to-face counseling session (or an alternative type of discussion) with the rated Soldier. The intent is for the senior rater to counsel the Soldier initially within the first 30 days followed by counseling at the midpoint for the evaluation period. The senior rater reviews as needed, comments and initials the support form and returns it to the rater. The rater will return the original Support Form to the rated NCO and will retain a copy for record. Note: See AR 623–3 for USAR Soldiers.

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posted on 02/05/2011 under Q&A
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