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Can I receive a relief for cause because I am going through a family issue?

I belong to a special unit and about a month ago I asked a senior leader help me redeploy to a location I have been to before. Now I am experiencing some family issues. The senior leader went off, I even asked if I could deploy to another location to allow me time to fix the family issues. I was told my career was over and I would never have a leadership position again and that I would receive a relief for cause report. Can they do that?

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A relief for cause over this is a stretch based on the information you provided me. Now a bad bullet or a reduced rating highly probable.


This is a case of be careful what you ask for….you might get it. Keep in mind your leaders are trying to manage critical resources. when you sign up for something they expect you to follow through. Special units in my experience don’t really get to involved with the family issue part of Soldier. Agree with it or not Mission comes first and some times that has consequences for the family.


While I may not necessary agree with the way you stated your SGM responded I can see his position. Unfortunately some senior leaders also fail to understand the value of a little compassion and empathy.

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