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Can I be separated from the Army because of an alcohol related incident downtown?

I received an field grade article 15 for underage drinking (art 92) in November. Got command refereed to asap and they decided that I didn't fit into their program so they never enrolled me. In March I received a citation for consumption from a civilian police officer. I hired a lawyer and they told me to do a drug and alcohol class and 8hrs community service. I completed that and its on the way of being dismissed. I never got counseled on the event off-post and my company sent me to asap which I passed. Well, my command sent me to my phase 1, 2 evaluation, mental evaluation and education briefing. Then they handed me a backdated counseling statement from Apr 23rd saying I'm getting recommended for chapter 9 (failure to rehabilitate) which I signed with today's date. I went to rehab graduated, learned form my mistake and haven't drank since march. WHAT SHOULD I DO? CAN THEY DO THIS TO ME?

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I can go into a long discussion of the issue, however I do not believe that will assist you. The Bottom line is that the Army can separate you for this conduct.

If the issues were not severe and you have stopped drinking then you may have a fighting chance at staying in the Army. Unfortunately you will probably have to get an Attorney involved. One with prior JAG experience would be best. They typically can give you a consultation for $50-$150.00. This is money well spent in my professional opinion.

For this price you can determine if you have a fighting chance. If you cannot find such an attorney in your area I would recommend Phil Cave. His email is: mljucmj@court-martial.com

posted on 01/20/2017 under Q&A
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