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Can an NCO Make me Counsel Another Soldier for an Incident in Which I was not Present and Therefore Do Not Know the Facts of the Situation?

Can an NCO make me counsel another Soldier for an incident in which I was not present and therefore do not know the facts of the situation?

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Short Answer

Typically YES!


Let’s say one of your Soldiers got into a fight downtown.  Your commander was informed by the military police or civilian police.  In this case you could be directed by someone in your chain of command or NCO support channel to counsel the Soldier even though you were not present.

Example Counseling

The counseling might go something like this:

____{INSERT RANK/NAME} on ____{INSERT DATE/TIME}, I was informed that you were allegedly involved in a physical altercation at _______{INSERT LOCATION}.  The incident is currently under investigation.  If the command determines you committed this offense action will most likely be taken.  This action could range from corrective training, revocation of privileges,  punishment under the UCMJ, and/or other administrative actions.   I will keep you update you on the situation as appropriate.

posted on 10/18/2017 under Q&A
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Army Counseling Software - Include over 250 Army Counseling Examples

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