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I walked into a SECURED AREA with NO CLEARANCE. What can happen to me for this violation?

I accidently walked into a classified area (secret). I wanted to know what the punishment is for this violation as I have no clearance and immediately left the room.

Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide

Bottom Line

That depends of the situation


If  you “accidentally” happened upon an area that had classified information laying around and you saw it, that is considered an inadvertent disclosure. You should’ve reported it to someone immediately and the fault isn’t on you.

If you went into an area that you knew you should not be in, you created the incident and could be adjudicated for personal conduct based on the adjudicative guidelines.

Basically this violation will be up to the chain of command and based on the serious of the incident. Punishment could range from:

  • a slap on the wrist- formal counseling and/or corrective training,
  • to an article 15-courts marital

No matter what there will be an incident report filed by the S-2


It depends on the situation and how the chain of command wants to handle the violation.

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