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New week, new counseling information

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Spurred on by the nine(!) fantastic user-submitted questions we received last week, we have some new material for your reference on this fine Monday. Check out the latest entries under New Posts for the latest and greatest. Also, our newest SME, Mackie Ocampo has posted information about the New Semi-Centralized Promotions System. “The biggest changes that Soldiers will see are the dif­fer­ence in how points are cal­cu­lated for pro­mo­tions to SGT and SSG, the inclu­sion of points for com­bat Read more

Monday update

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After being re-energized by a beautiful spring weekend here in northern Alabama, the AskTop team is ready for another week of Army leadership discussion.  We’ve received a number of reader-submitted questions these past few days including Do I have to follow the Plan of Action if I disagree with a counseling? and Can my platoon sergeant take me off the promotion list? Have you heard the buzz about the NCO evaluation system? Take a look at Mark’s article Proposed changes for the NCOER system Read more