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Can a commander flag his senior NCOs for forgetting a PT test?

I forgot to take my PT test. There were a million more important things happening at the unit. Next thing I know I am flagged with no warning. Can the commander do that?.. Read the Answer»

Can the alternate event bike course go out of my sight?

Our unit has a bike course for the alternate event test. I can't see the Soldier as he completes his lap while I am grading the test. I see him for about 1/2 of the lap. The rest of the time he is out of my line of sight. Is this acceptable?.. Read the Answer»

Can they tape my gears when I take a bike event on the APFT?

Can a scorer tape my gears when I take a bike event for the APFT?.. Read the Answer»

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Can my commander dictate what alternate event I take on the APFT?

My profiles states I can take the bike or swim tests as alternate APFT events. My commander says I must take the bike. Can he do that?.. Read the Answer»

What are the alternate events for the APFT run?

Got a bet going on with my Squad leader that there are only 3 alternate aerobic events for the PT test: Bike, Swim, and Walk. Are there any more?.. Read the Answer»

Can I use my sleeping mat to take my PT test?

I was taking my PT test and the grader stopped me from using my sleeping mat. I told him the reg said I could use a mat. I am right aren't I?.. Read the Answer»

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Can I use a mat when I take my PT test?

Can I use a mat when I take my push up and sit up event on the PT Test?.. Read the Answer»

Can I take the PT test barefoot?

I like to run barefoot. Can I do this during the PT Test? What if I want to do push up and sit ups barefoot?.. Read the Answer»

What are the specifications for a 2-mile run track?

My unit makes us take our PT test on this really steep hill. We have to run up it but we don't even get the advantage of running downhill later in the course. This seems like a bunch of crap. Can they do this?.. Read the Answer»

What items are forbbiden for wear during a PT test?

I wore my MP3 player while taking a PT test and the 1SG disqualified me from the run. Can he do that?.. Read the Answer»

Can I use a 400- or 440-yard track for a PT Test?

There is a debate in my unit. Can we use a 400-yard track to conduct a PT test? The guy in my unit said the track is not long enough. Eight laps equals two miles right?.. Read the Answer»

How long can we wait between APFT events?

Are there any time limits on conducting a PT test? I want to know how long we can pause between the events... Read the Answer»