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Training Support Packages

Interpret Munitions Markings

Class / briefing: Action: Identify selected munitions and packaging containers, interpret and identify munitions markings on boxed and palatalized munitions. Conditions: Given instruction in a contemporary operating environment (COE), applicable references and practical exercise worksheet. Standards: Soldiers must correctly answer …Read More

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Class / briefing: The concept is relatively simple.  Bn goes to the motor pool and conducts command maintenance in accordance with their unit SOP (some call these periods AA Operations, some due a leader teach the Friday before, etc.). Bring …Read More

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Implement Defensive Information Operations

Class / briefing: ACTION: Identify how defensive information operations protect information and Information systems and achieve information superiority at brigade and below. CONDITION: In a classroom, given the appropriate references and student handout. STANDARD:Accurately: (1) Define information operations; (2) Identify …Read More

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Get Tabbed - How to Graduated Army Ranger School
The Evaluator - Army Evaluation & Counseling Guide

HMMWV Egress Trainer (HEAT)

Class / briefing: Action: Perform clearing and egress procedures with the HEAT. Conditions: In the HEAT wearing required combat equipment, given instruction on actions to take to preclude and reactive measures during/ after a HMMWV rollover as a HMMWV crewmember. …Read More

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Evaluate a Casualty (Tactical Combat Casualty Care)

Class / briefing: Conditions: You have a casualty who has signs/symptoms of an injury. Your unit may be under fire. Standards: Evaluate the casualty following the correct sequence. Identify all life-threatening conditions and other serious wounds. Performance Steps Note: Tactical …Read More

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Class / briefing: Action:  Explain the effect of Ethiopian history on modern Ethiopian outlook Condition:  Given student handout Standard:  Explain the modern Ethiopian outlook in a two-paragraph essay meeting at least 70% of the rubric criteria

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Wear it Right! Army Uniform Guide
Wear it Right! Army Uniform Tool

Establish a Saline Lock

Class / briefing: Establish a Saline Lock. Conditions: A casualty is in hypovolemic shock from a severe loss of blood or a medic or medical professional requests that you establish a saline lock. Bleeding has been controlled. Supplies not carried …Read More

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Class / briefing: Action: Identify the major factors defining Eritrean culture Condition: Without references Standards: Identify cultural factors of Eritrea by correctly answer 11 out of 12 exam questions

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Environmental Quality and the Integrated Acquisition Process

Class / briefing: Action:  Integrate Environmental Considerations into the Materiel Acquisition Process. Conditions:  In a classroom, given all necessary student handouts to include a Capability Developers Course reference disk. Standards:  Students will be able to identify and integrate environmental issues …Read More

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Environmental Awareness Integrate Military Environmental Protection into Operations

Class / briefing: ACTION:  Integrate environmental considerations into unit (garrison) and full spectrum operations. CONDITION:  Given a block of instructions, TM 38-410, FM 3-34.5, FM 5-19, and AR 200-1. STANDARD:  Correctly answer questions relating to: Identifying the responsibilities for managing …Read More

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Class / briefing: Use this TSP to train M113-series drivers in the unit.  Students must have completed the Physical Qualifications Tests in accordance with AR 600-55.

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Enforce Company Compliance with Host Nation, Federal, State, Local Environmental Laws and Regulations

Class / briefing: ACTION: Enforce company compliance with host nation, federal, state, and local environmental laws and regulations. CONDITION:  Given a mission while conus or overseas, in garrison or the field, access to references, and a unit environmental officer. STANDARD:  …Read More

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