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Family Readiness Group Briefing

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This is a briefing on Family Readiness Group, it covers the following topics: Reestablish lines of communication Confirm/Deny contact information Provide key information Training Calendars (in packet) Calendar Highlights Deployment Benefits Wives’ Huddle NOTE: This document is in MS PowerPoint Download: 31/FRG_Slides.254191040.ppt Size: 1.21 MB

Army Rear Detachment Commander’s Handbook

The Rear Detachment Mission:   One of the most important assignments during a unit’s deployment is rear detachment duty, particularly as the rear detachment commander (RDC). Upon deployment, the RDC officially assumes the duties of the unit commander and maintains regular contact with the deployed unit commander at the mission site. The rear detachment operations pick up the daily workload of the deployed unit and provide home-station support for the unit. The RDC is responsible for the administrative Read more

Taking Care of the Families of America’s Armed Forces

A Guide for National Guard and Reserve Families. Since September 11, 2001, the Global War on Terrorism and its many subsequent operations have altered our lives and challenged our abilities to cope with the uncertainties of local, regional and overseas deployments. If you have a husband, wife, father, mother, son, daughter, brother or sister serving in the National Guard or Reserve, this booklet has been designed with you in mind. Whether your loved one is supporting a military operation overseas, Read more

Army Family Readiness Support Assistant (FRSA) Resource Guide

This resource guide is designed to orient and inform new Family Readiness Support Assistants (FRSAs) about the roles and responsibilities of their position. As an integral part of the Family Readiness Team, the FRSA plays a key role in assisting the efforts of Commanders and Family Readiness Group (FRG) volunteer leaders in their support of Soldiers and their Families. NOTE: This document is in PDF format

Army Family Readiness Group Leader’s Handbook

This Army Family Readiness Group Leader’s Handbook is designed to be used by Family Readiness Group (FRG) leaders in the active, Guard, and Reserve Components. The handbook provides updated information regarding FRGs. A battalion commander/Rear Detachment Commander (RDC) oversees and supports all company FRGs directly and indirectly through company level commanders and a battalion FRG steering committee. When there is a battalion FRG, then the battalion commander/RDC works with the battalion FRG Read more

Family Readiness Group Leader’s Command Information Pocket Guide

Cover the following topics: Family readiness command information mission. Elements of an effective communications program. The Army is fully prepared and capable of executing it mission. Covered Topics Include: The Army’s leadership is also prepared and capable of taking care of Army families; the Army cares about its families and their well-being. The Global War on Terrorism is a complex, long-term campaign that requires a focused international effort; there is no quick fix. Our national leadership Read more

The Commander’s Family Readiness Toolkit

Family readiness programs are a command responsibility. The command’s leadership (which includes senior unit enlisted personnel as its most vital element) and demonstrated concern for families before, during, and after a deployment/ mobilization can directly impact the success of many of your unit’s efforts. Commanders must clearly articulate their goals and vision for family readiness. Senior non-commissioned officers’ full support of this command vision is also critical. Empowering families Read more

Family Readiness Group Handbook

This handbook is designed to assist deploying commanders, rear detachment commanders (RDCs), and Family Readiness Group (FRG) leaders in developing an effective Rear D/FRG operation. The principles outlined in this handbook apply at each echelon and for all unit types. NOTE: This document is in PDF format