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Operational Orders & Official Messages

MIL-PRF-63003B(TM) Performance Specification Manuals, Technical: Battlefield Damage Assessment and Repair, Preparation of

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This specification covers the format, style, and content requirements for preparation of technical manuals used for battlefield damage assessment and repair (BDAR) of weapon systems/ equipment damaged or failed on the battlefield. It covers content requirements which are mandatory, and some which are optional but become mandatory when applicable, as determined and specified by the contracting activity. Examples at the rear of this specification are typical and may be adapted to fit the specific equipment Read more

Soldiers Guide to Citizenship

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This is a document that is a Soldiers Guide to Citizenship.  The Department of Defense has partnered with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) to assist non-citizen military personnel with their citizenship applications. The goal is to streamline and expedite the handling of their applications. The Department of the Army has directed its Battalion (BN) and Brigade Combat Team (BCT) S-1s, Military Personnel Divisions (MPD), and Military Personnel Offices (MILPO) to assist Soldiers with their Read more

Separation Under The Qualitative Management Program (QMP)

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This is a Questions and Answers document designed to help you determine your rights under DA’s Qualitative Management Program. The questions answered in the document are as follows: What is the QMP? What criteria does the QMP consider? What procedures does the QMP Board follow? What is the appeals process for QMP? What is the basis for an appeal? What should I do if I receive notice of a QMP denial of continued service? NOTE: This document is in PDF format [drain file 3367 show Read more

Separation And Divorce Fact Sheet

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This fact sheet is intended as a quick reference. It is not intended to be a substitute for seeking advice from an attorney and it should not be used as such. Its purpose is to inform individuals contemplating separation or divorce of their basic legal rights and responsibilities. The information provided is based on Maryland Law except where it is specifically stated that the information is applicable in all states. NOTE: This document is in PDF format Read more

Selection Board Process Script

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This is a script that was used for a video that explains the Board process and gives helpful suggestions for Soldiers at every level best prepare for the Board process.  It covers topics pertinent to the Soldier going before the Board as well as to the Rater, Senior Rater, Commanders and NCO support channels. It can be used as a outline if you ever need to explain the Board process in a verbal or written fashion. It can also help you to better understand the process and prepare for your next Board. NOTE: Read more

Qualitative Management Program (QMP)

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The information provided is for soldiers seeking legal assistance to appeal a DA-Imposed Bar to Reenlistment Under the Qualitative Management Program (QMP), pursuant to AR 601-280. Even though you may have a bar imposed by your immediate commanders, a Department of the Army bar to reenlistment may also be imposed. After reading this information sheet, you should be able to write an appeal following the guidelines set forth below. In order to comply with the time limits (60 days from your notification), Read more

Promotions Boards Frequently Asked Questions

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This is a Word format Promotions Boards Frequently Asked Questions document Areas covered are as Follows: General Board Questions Colonel Command Assignment Selection Board (CCASB) Questions Position Vacancy Boards (PVB) Questions Enlisted Promotion Board Questions Officer Promotion Board Questions TPU Officer Promotions Questions Educational Requirements for Officer Promotions Records Questions   Read more

Physical Disability Agency Fact Sheet

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The United States Army Physical Disability Agency (USAPDA) manages the Army’s Physical Disability Evaluation System (PDES) and acts on behalf of the Secretary of the Army. The PDES is used to determine the fitness and applicable disability benefits of Soldiers with duty related impairments. The PDES includes the Medical Evaluation Board (MEB) and the Physical Evaluation Board (PEB). When a treating physician believes the Soldier is unable to perform full military duty or is unlikely to be able Read more

Driving Privileges Suspension or Revocation

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This document is intended to explain the procedures for suspension and revocation of post driving privileges. Generally, the installation commander or his designee may, for any legal cause, suspend or revoke the installation driving privileges of anyone — Soldier or civilian. For military personnel and family members, retirees, and DoD employees, suspension or revocation is authorized regardless of where the incident occurred. For non-DoD affiliated civilians, only on-post incidents will be considered. NOTE: Read more

Compassionate Reassignments – in a Questions and Answers Format

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This document covers topics about compassionate reassignments as follows: What is a compassionate reassignment? Emergencies arising during leave: What documentation is required? What Legal Assistance Can Do: NOTE: This document is in PDF format

A Survivors Guide to Benefits

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This guide is intended to aid you as you work through the difficulty and pain of losing a loved one who was serving in the military. The Department of Defense takes seriously its obligation to our service members and their families. The days ahead will be difficult. While we cannot lessen your loss, we are committed to doing everything possible to help and guide you as you deal with the details and decisions that surround the death of an active duty service member. Every service member’s family Read more

ALARACT 105/2010 Basic Allowance For Subsistence (BAS) COLLECTIONS

This message reinforces to commanders, G1’s, S1’s, and military pay offices that the law and Army regulation require collection for meals provided to Soldiers who are receiving full BAS under field conditions. This requirement is not optional. Unit commanders are responsible to initiate actions to collect reimbursement for meals provided to Soldiers receiving BAS during field training and to develop controls to monitor these collections. See the message for more information. NOTE: This document Read more