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A Sample Change of Command Memorandum

A sample Battalion Commander’s Letter of Instruction for Change of Command Inventory.  Also attached is an example of the format of the memo that is to be returned by the officer that is taking over a new command.  The return …Read More

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Release From a Given Branch Detail of Military Service and Reassignment to Another Branch Detail of Military Service Example Memorandum

An example of how to prepare a memorandum for a request of a Release from a Given Branch Detail of Military Service and Reassignment to another Branch Detail of Military Service. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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Sample Biography

Sample Biography that is presented as an example of how to write a good biography when trying to gain acceptance into the Sergeant Audie Murphy Club or an other time a good biography would be required. NOTE: This document is …Read More

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Wear it Right! Army Uniform Guide
The Board Master - Army Promotion Board Study Guide

Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions covered in this document are as Follows: Who is eligible for BAH? Where can I look up my rates and learn more about Basic Allowance for Housing? I looked up the current year BAH amount for …Read More

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Authorization to Process Financial Adjustment Documents

This is an example of a memorandum that is for the authorization to process financial adjustment documents.  It shows the proper layout and what the memo should include in it to be a correct Army memo. NOTE: This document is …Read More

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Assignment Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

In response to the numerous amount of phone calls and emails regarding the same questions and answers, the Assignment Frequently Asked Questions Page has been created. The page serves as an immediate source of information for the most common questions …Read More

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Company Command: The Bottom Line - Army Leadership Guide
Wear it Right! Army Uniform Tool

Army Values Essay Personal Courage

This is the beginning of an example essay about Personal Courage. It give an example of what you might start with to define what personal courage means to you. It leaves off with the beginning of a sentence that is …Read More

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Air Assault Infantry Battalion Duty Descriptions

Detailed duty descriptions for the Battalion Commander, Battalion XO, Battalion S-1, Battalion S-2, Battalion Assistant S-2, Battalion S-3, Battalion Assistant S-3,  Battalion S-3 Air, Battalion S-4, Battalion S-6,  Battalion PA, Battalion MEDO, Battalion FSO, Rifle Company Commander, Rifle Company XO, Rifle Platoon …Read More

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Guidelines For A Personal Letter Of Introduction – An example of a “Personal Letter of Introduction” Memo

An example of a “Personal Letter of Introduction” with notes and line numbers so it can be used as a guide to writing your own personal letter of introduction to introduce yourself to a new Commander after receiving your orders …Read More

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Example Drivers Badge Memorandum

A sample memorandum for individuals being awarded a Drivers Badge. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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Example Dispatch Procedures Memorandum

Memo of Instruction for Dispatch Procedures. Its purpose is to ensure that policies and procedures established for equipment dispatching are applicable to all personnel assigned and attached to the XXXX Battalion. Violation of any provision of this letter provides a basis …Read More

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Corrective Action Memo

Provides format for identifying a shortcoming and the corrective action to fix the issue. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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