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EM 1110-1-1804 Geotechnical Investigations ENG 1836 ENG 1836A

Purpose: This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance for geotechnical investigations during the various stages of development for both civil and military projects. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD

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EM 1110-1-1802 Geophysical Exploration for Engineering and Environmental Investigations

Purpose: This manual provides an introduction to geophysical exploration for engineering, geological, and environmental (to include hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste (HTRW)) investigations. Descriptions and guidance are provided for the geophysical methods typically used in these investigations.

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EM 1110-1-1200 Conceptual Site Models for Ordnance and Explosives OE and Hazardous Toxic and Radioactive Waste HTRW Projects

Purpose: This Engineer Manual (EM) provides U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and other personnel with procedural guidance to develop Conceptual Site Models (CSMs) at sites potentially containing ordnance and explosives (OE) and/or hazardous, toxic, and radioactive waste (HTRW) environmental …Read More

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EM 1110-1-1005 Engineering and Design Control and Topographic Surveying

Purpose: This manual provides guidance on performing detailed site surveys of military installation facilities and civil works projects. Technical specifications, procedural guidance, and quality control criteria are outlined for developing large-scale site plans used for engineering drawings of planned projects, …Read More

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EM 1110-1-1002 Survey Markers and Monumentations

Purpose: This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance for monumentation during various stages of civil and military projects.

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EM 1110-1-1000 Photogrammetric Mapping

Purpose: This manual presents procedural guidance, technical specifications, and quality control (QC) criteria for performing aerial photogrammetric mapping activities.

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