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Women On Your Team: A Man’s Guide to Leading Women

Women On Your Team: A Man’s Guide to Leading Women

Rusin, author of several other books similar to the topic of women in the Army, compares and contrasts what it’s like to lead men and women. She shares her own experiences and evaluates the perceptions of and competition between the two sexes.


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Women have been a huge part of the military for a very long time. Unfortunately, men are still considered superior in the military even today. Women are severely underestimated as Soldiers. In order to become the most efficient leader, you must disregard stereotypes and focus on the individual Soldier and his or her ability and skill.

Women On Your Team will guide any leader to understand how to lead women. This book teaches on paper what years of experience in real situations would teach.

“…offers keen insights into the leadership challenges and culture of today’s gender-integrate military; a must read of leaders at every level!”
–Norman M Wade, Author/Publisher, Military SMARTbooks

This book is an excellent read for leaders of all levels. The examples used… are a road map for taking care of all soldiers.
–CSM (R) Robert Whiteford, Former Corps of Cadets CSM, Us Military Academy,West Point

“…Women on Your Team has given me a better perspective of leadership challenges face by my female cadets. I intend to integrate her work into our curriculum.”
–LTC (R) Ken Hinkle, Jupiter HS JROTC, Senior Army Instructor