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Can email be used to document counselings?

My rater is trying to use emails to document counseling. Is this acceptable for NCOER counselings?.. Read the Answer»

Will it hurt my career to be assigned below my grade?

I just reported to a new unit and I have been assigned to a position below my grade. I am up for promotion to SFC. Will this hurt me?.. Read the Answer»

The drawdown cycle

After more than 10 years, we are beginning to drawn down major military operations that have tested our country. We will continue to the fight in Afghanistan until at least 2014 and most likely have a significant role in Iraq …Read More

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Fully eligible for promotion but unit won’t send me to the board

I transferred to my current unit in Sep of this year. I took my PT test and I was flagged for AFPT failure and being overweight. Later, I passed my AFPT and made weight. The flag was lifted. Since then, I have not been counseled for promotion or sent to the board. Every time I ask, I get the answer "we will look at it next month." I meet the time grade (over 4 years) and time in service (14 years) requirements and have completed WLC. What course of action do I have? I have not been counseled for promotion from any level of my chain of command. If I go to my first line, he just brushes it off and never follows up with it. My 1SG has never had a good thing to say about my mos (I am a 13F). What can I do?.. Read the Answer»

My commander is sleeping with my wife, what do I do?

I was on duty and went home for dinner unannounced and found my commander and wife in a compromising situation. How do I handle this?.. Read the Answer»

When do I destroy a DA Form 4856?

DA Form 4856 says at the bottom, to destroy this form upon re-assignment... Are there any exceptions to this? We have been told that we can keep them for up to a year after the soldier leaves, because we are a school. Can you shed some light on this?.. Read the Answer»

Welcome, Becky!

Today we published the first article by AskTOP Subject Matter Expert Becky! Becky has 37 years of experience as a military spouse and is ready to share her perspective. The article is titled “Three smart methods to encourage your guests …Read More

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ST Augustine TDS Presentation

Mark and I just returned from a trip to sunny ST Augustine Florida where he presented to a classroom of National Guard trial defense attorneys. The topic of the presentation was counseling. Specifically, TDS is interested in proper counseling procedures …Read More

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Improve your unit with effective Exit Interviews

One of the best tools leaders can use to gain productive feedback is the exit interview.

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How do I counsel a Soldier for a physical security violation?

I have an E-6 who committed a serious physical security violation. It was an honest mistake but I need to use this as an example to the other NCOs so they understand security violations are significant. He has a slight attitude about the whole situation. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Should I report drug abuse in my barracks?

I have watched my roommate do drugs several times during the last week in our barrack area. I know it is wrong but I am torn between reporting it and just ignoring it. Any ideas on how to handle this?.. Read the Answer»

Can an E-4 squad leader counsel other E-4s in his squad?

I am currently an E-4 non-promotable in a squad leader position. I will be going to the board within the next 2 weeks and picking up my (P). For the time being, I was wondering about the rules that might cause me any grief or problems with writing End of Month, negative, or any other type of counselings for the members of my squad. Any input I can get on this would be a great help... Read the Answer»