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These Soldiers don’t have what it takes!

“These new recruits, they don’t have what it takes, they are too soft.” Sound familiar? I’m sure my Drill Sergeant said something similar about my generation. It is a comment that tends to be transmitted from generation to generation of …Read More

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How can I correct an unfair NCOER before it hits my official record?

I am a Reserve Soldier and have PCS'd with my AC spouse last spring and am just now getting my NCOER from my previous unit. The rating period is from 1 Sep to 31 Aug. The first one was a joke. I replied back having to send them a copy of the APFT they administered since the NCOER stated I had not taken one within the time frame of the NCOER and was given a "needs improvement". He fixed the NCOER and entered one bullet for each section which wasn't on the first one.

I also requested that my 40+ volunteer hours as my spouses unit's FRG Leader be included. The rater is giving excuses that I was not being tracked during that time and he can't verify I actually did the volunteering because they didn't see me do it. While I was in the middle of having to find a new unit on my own because they would not help, I made sure Medpros stayed updated, my online training was always done etc. I did everything I was asked to do during the time they claim I was not being tracked. I was never counseled during the whole period and the rater entered dates of non existent counselings.

How can he enter dates for counselings that never existed and claim I wasn't being tracked and refuse to add my volunteer hours which I feel deserves an excellent bullet? I said I would get the documentation for the hours, but he still says he didn't see me do it. Is the appeal process my only choice? And, will it hold up with my documentation and MFR's from my spouses command?.. Read the Answer»

What is a derogatory information report?

I was told to submit a derogatory information report. What is it and why is it submitted?.. Read the Answer»

U.S. Army Inspections: Barracks Inspection

The third article in the inspection series covers techniques and guidelines for conducting barracks inspections. Frequent barracks inspections provide leaders the ability to monitor the health and welfare of their Soldiers. Many Soldiers feel this inspection is unfair as they are …Read More

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How do I handle a Soldier who fights my orders?

I have a Soldier who fights every order I give him. He constantly researches the regualtions to see if my orders are legal. It seems like he spends more time trying to get out of doing work or trying to prove me wrong than it would have taken to simply complete the tasks. Any suggestions? Please Help!.. Read the Answer»

Fort Campbell Book Signing

Two weeks ago, military authors and AskTOP Subject Matter Experts Mark Gerecht and Jo Rusin visited Fort Campbell to meet with Soldiers and sign copies of their Army leadership books. The event was a success due in large part to …Read More

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Don’t I deserve a clean start?

I have not been a great Soldier in the past. I admit I have a loud mouth, but I am trying to correct my performance. Unfortunately, my chain of command will not cut me any slack. I have decided to do my best, but my Platoon Sergeant won't allow me to recover.

Example: A Specialist gave me a monthly counseling statement. The counseling was positive and I was glad someone was finally realizing that I was trying to improve. My Platoon Sergeant came by during the session and read my counseling statement. He then told the Specialist he could not counsel me because he was inexperienced and the PSG completed the counseling himself... needless to say the counseling was bad. I have also been given an invalid Article 15 while with this unit. I appealed it to the Battalion Commander who overturned the entire Article 15--further upsetting my chain of command.

Current Situation: We were in the field. My supervisor (the Specialist) was not in the field with us. He also went home on leave later that month. When we returned from the field, I was presented with a counseling statement that had been written by the Specialist who had not seen me for the majority month. The NCO who presented it to me stated he was just following orders. I was infuriated. I felt that the Specialist could not counsel me because he did not observe my performance for the month. I wrote "Whatever" in the Comments section of the counseling out of anger. Naturally, the chain of command is upset with me again. Here are my questions:

  1. Is the counseling invalid because the SPC was absent for the majority of the month?
  2. Does any regulation prohibit disrespect to a SPC?
  3. Does any regulation prohibit me from writing anything I want on a counseling?
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Can Soldiers take a 3-day pass during the week?

Can I take a 3-day pass during the middle of the week?.. Read the Answer»

U.S. Army Inspection Series

We just published the second article in Mark’s three-part series about Army inspections. He’s been hard at work compiling some great tips for leaders who are preparing for an inspection. Visit the links below to check out parts one and …Read More

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U.S. Army Inspections: Planning & Preparation

The second in the inspection series, this article focuses on the importance of planning your inspection and provides tips to help you achieve positive results. Have you ever stood an inspection and wondered why you were doing it? Or why …Read More

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What is an Article 138?

I have heard that I can make a complaint against my commander. Is this true?.. Read the Answer»

Do counseling statements have expiration dates?

How long is a counseling form good for? .. Read the Answer»