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Can I be given corrective training and UCMJ punishment for the same offense?

Can I be ordered to perform corrective training and then be recommended for UCMJ for the same offense? Isn't this double jeopardy?.. Read the Answer»

New week, new counseling information

Spurred on by the nine(!) fantastic user-submitted questions we received last week, we have some new material for your reference on this fine Monday. Check out the latest entries under New Posts for the latest and greatest. Also, our newest …Read More

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What do I do when a Soldier refuses to sign a counseling statement?

My Soldier in my squad just refused to sign a counseling statement I gave him. I didn't realize they could do that. What do I do?.. Read the Answer»

Should I refuse to sign counseling statements I do not agree with?

It looks like I will be getting a counseling statement I do not agree with. I am not planning on signing it. Is this a bad idea?.. Read the Answer»

Can my squad leader give me a backdated counseling statement?

My squad leader just gave me a counseling statement for something that happened three weeks ago. The counseling was dated as if it occurred on the day of the incident. Can he do that?.. Read the Answer»

What do I do when a Soldier checks the disagree box on a counseling?

What is the course of action when a soldier checks "Disagree with the information above" in the "Session Closing" box and does not write why? Also, is the "Plan of Action" box still valid and the written action enforceable?.. Read the Answer»

Is it necessary to document verbal counseling?

Is it necessary to document verbal counseling?.. Read the Answer»

Is verbal counseling a type of counseling?

Is verbal counseling a type of counseling and what do I do after I verbally counsel a Soldier?.. Read the Answer»

Can a leader backdate a counseling statement?

My squad leader is trying to backdate my monthly counseling statement. Can he do that?.. Read the Answer»

Monday update

After being re-energized by a beautiful spring weekend here in northern Alabama, the AskTop team is ready for another week of Army leadership discussion.  We’ve received a number of reader-submitted questions these past few days including Do I have to …Read More

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Can my platoon sergeant take me off the promotion list?

I am promotable. My platoon sergeant gave me a counseling statement and told me I would not be getting my E-6. Can he do this?.. Read the Answer»

Do I have to follow the Plan of Action if I disagree with a counseling?

By disagreeing on a counseling statement that I signed, do I still have to do the plan of action?.. Read the Answer»