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Leadership Quote of the Day

He who asks a question is a fool for five minutes; he who does not ask the question remains a fool forever.

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Requesting A Standby Advisory Board (STAB): Promotions for SFC, MSG, and SGM

Overview You may have heard NCOs stating that they were applying for a second look promotion. They were referring to a STAB. There are many misconceptions about a STAB. If you have prepared yourself, for the centralized promotion board, you …Read More

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Can a Soldier Pull back to Back Duty?

Can a soldier pull duty back to back? Duty on Monday and then again on Wednesday that same week?.. Read the Answer»

If I am QMP’d can the unit retain me past my QMP ETS date?

If a soldier's ETS date is in 2021 but the QMP board changed their separation date to May 1 2016, can the soldier be retained beyond this new separation date or can the army hold them to their "contractual ETS" in order to process an administrative separation? I know that AR 635-200 para 1-26 says "Retention beyond a Soldier's ETS to process administrative separation proceedings pursuant to this regulation is not authorized. If it is desirable to retain a Soldier beyond the ETS for any reason other than those covered by paragraphs 1-21 through 1-24, request for approval of such action must be submitted". Well, what if the unit actually submits this request? Is the soldier entitled to the request paperwork? Has this ever happened? Under what circumstances does HRC approve these requests? .. Read the Answer»

Leadership Quote of the Day

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

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When Should I Expect to Take a FOR RECORD APFT Upon Return from Deployment

I am Deployed and overdue for a PT test. When I return to the states I will only have been deployed for 2 months. When should I expect my next record PT test?.. Read the Answer»

My Unit is Chaptering me but they Should be Sending me to a Medical Board; What Can I do?

I joined the Army and then developed bulimia. They tried to med board me 2 years ago but I told them no! I love the Army and will beat this thing. Well I didn't... my metabolism slowed down and I put on alot of weight. Since then I PCS'ed and my unit is chaptering me for height and weight. At the same time behavior health is saying my only treatment is a live in program for 30 days. Is there any way for me to get the treatmentl? .. Read the Answer»

Can I receive a Negative Counseling that was Based on an Unverified Observation that I was Drinking Alcohol?

I received a negative counseling after being told we were not allowed to drink while in a deployed location. One of our unit leaders saw myself and others at a local bar with a mug drinking a beverage that appeared to be alcohol. However they did not come inside and verify it was an alcohol drink. Can I receive a negative counseling statement for this?.. Read the Answer»

Should I Attend SLC Even Though I am ETSing?

I made the decision to ETS in 14 months. I got an SLC class date 6 months from now. Should I ask for a cancellation or suck it up? SLC slots for my MOS is really rare and I dont want to screw over another Soldier. I'm fine with not going to SLC, but does it put me at an disadvantage when the unit know any resource they use on me will not give a return?.. Read the Answer»

Can I get an Article 15 because I Forget to Check in with my Unit Due to a Family Emergency?

Can I receive UCMJ for forgetting to check in with my unit because there was an emergency appoint with a family member?.. Read the Answer»

Extra Duty- Can I just Pay a Fine Instead of Pulling Extra Duty?

Can I pay a fine instead of pulling extra duty?.. Read the Answer»

Why do Military Working Dogs Out Rank their Handler?

Does a Military Working Dog Always out rank their handler? If so why?.. Read the Answer»