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I walked into a SECURED AREA with NO CLEARANCE. What can happen to me for this violation?

I accidently walked into a classified area (secret). I wanted to know what the punishment is for this violation as I have no clearance and immediately left the room... Read the Answer»

MEME of the Week

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Where do I place my oak leaf clusters on the suspension ribbon of my full sized medal?

Where do I place the oak leaf cluster on my full size medal?.. Read the Answer»

Tool of the Week- Medical Leader’s Reference Card- Can be Modified for Any MOS

Contains Amedd Battlefield Rules, CHS Functional areas, Troop leading procedures, Mett-tc Analysis Military aspect of terrain, Spot report Principles of CHS, 9- Line Medevac request, Task organization,Evac capabilities, AAR format, Risk management, Five- point contingency plan, EPW’s, WPNs Max E …Read More

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How do I properly place full size medals on my ASU?

How do I put full size medals on my ASU?.. Read the Answer»

MEME of the WEEK

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Can my Commander make me serve Article 15 restriction only on weekends?

My Commander recently gave me an Article 15. He has stated I can only be restricted on the weekend. At that rate it will take 7 weeks for me to serve my 14 day punishment. Is this legal? What can I do?.. Read the Answer»

Class on Substance Abuse Chapter 12

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We pulled the following document from the ASKTOP ARMSROOM as we thought this might be useful information for some of our readers.  There are thousands of documents available for FREE in the Armsroom.  Please take a look and feel free …Read More

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How Does the Promotion System Work and Why Haven’t I Been Promoted?

I am a SGT(p) with 7 years and 6 months time in service and 4 years time in grade; currently deployed and with the new promotion system I have to have ALC to be promoted. My questions is how does the CLI promotions work and with my MOS being under strength how come I have not been promoted with our points being 14 the past 2 months? .. Read the Answer»

Can a Flag for Height and Weight Prevent me From Deploying with My Unit

I am currently deployed to Kuwait, my company has missions in Afghanistan and Jordan. I have been told that since I am flagged for height and weight I cannot deploy forward. Is this correct? .. Read the Answer»

I got caught smoking in the barracks…what can happen to me?

My son got caught smoking in his barracks room and lied to the NCO. What can happen to him? He want to stay in the Army... Read the Answer»