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Can a Commander deny off post privileges while allowing MWR privileges for Soldiers in a Training (AIT) Status?

Can the commander prevent Soldiers in a training status from leaving the installation but allow them the privilege of using on post MWR facilities? Is this an unfair practice? Some AIT units are never allowed “off-post” while others are allowed off post... Read the Answer»

If on active duty an you get injured then you return to your National Guard unit do you have to report to IDT weekends while receiving incap pay?

If on active duty an you get injured then you return to your National Guard unit do you have to report to IDT weekends while receiving incap pay ?.. Read the Answer»

If my last NCOER was just tuned in late (change of rater) and my current rating chain is leaving am I due for another change of rater?

I had a change of rater NCOER that was overdue by 4 months and was finally signed a few days ago and sent up. I found out today that my rater will be leaving to go to the sergeant major academy, and my senior rater will be changing units. Since my last NCOER was sent late, do I have to do another NCOER since my current rating chain that is leaving, and the last one was turned in late?.. Read the Answer»

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Can I be order to complete mandatory training if I have already completed the training and within tolerance?

Can a BDE or BN Commander require Soldiers to redo online 350-1Mando TRNG (i.e. ATlvl1) if they are in compliance? As in it is annual training and I did it last month. Can they punish the Soldier for not meeting their Arbitrary deadline to do so?.. Read the Answer»

I just reenlisted with a bonus and requested to go to Korea. If I ask for my orders to be deleted will I have to repay my bonus

I recently reenlisted for 6yrs to go to Korea and received a SRB. Shortly after reenlisting I was on orders to deploy. They have me going to a unit I don't want. My branch manager has a different slot for me at a different unit in Korea. The only way to get that slot is to delete my current orders. My report date is July, but I don't reploy until August.If I ask for deletion of my orders will I have repay my bonus?.. Read the Answer»

I’m worried about a fmaily member. He seems very depressed. His sergeant doesn’t seem to be professional. He states the sergeant is very rude. He was doing at his previous duty station and seemed to like it alot. I’m really worried about his state of mind. Is there anything that can be done?.. Read the Answer»

Am I entitled to a copy of documents I sign?

I have a situation in which I signed a document and the leader refused to give me a copy of the document. Is this legal?.. Read the Answer»

My Command has refused to remove a flag, what can I do?

I had a flag review in late July and was found to be in good standing. The flag remains in place. JAG has advised me the removal can take up to six months and I should cease any further follow ups. All of the research I have done says the flag should be removed immediately, and/or within 3 Days. This is detrimentally affecting a disabled child's ability to use education benefits, and causing great distress to the family as a whole and a significant financial burden. Can you provide any direction as to how and to whom we should escalate to? I thank you, in advance, for any help you may be able to provide!.. Read the Answer»

Can I be separated from service for failing a PT if my chain of command failed to properly execute thier duties and responsibilities?

Top I really need your expertise. I failed my 1st APFT. Then I passed the 2nd one but leadership then told me it was diagnostic. I took another APFT a week after and passed but Unit Leadership nullified the test because some Soldiers complained they ran extra lap. I then had to take another APFT in which I ended up running in the snow and I failed my run by 16sec. My commander has initiated chapter process but i have not signed any paperwork yet. I have asked to talk to him but I have not gotten a response from my chain of command. What should I do?.. Read the Answer»

Class of the Week- Promotion Board Procedures

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Can my chain of command force me to buy a unit PT uniform?

My chain of command is putting out a new uniform for pt but the soldiers have to purchase this new uniform and it’s not the pts issued from the beginning it’s more of a squadron uniform , so my question is can they make me buy it , will I get in trouble if I don’t ?.. Read the Answer»