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Does Failure to Counsel in a Timely Manner Invalidate a Flag Action?

Is a flagging action valid if I failed an APFT on 18 August but didn't get counseled or flagged until September 20th?.. Read the Answer»

Should I Sign my Relief for Cause Report While the Investigation is Still On Going?

I got a DUI in August, I'll be getting an General Officer Letter of Reprimand and a Relief for Cause Evaluation Report. My question is should I sign my evaluation report while there's still an investigation going on? .. Read the Answer»

Understanding the Award Process

The following information is an extract from the book “Military Writing.” Military awards fall into three categories: awards for service, achievement, and valor. An award for service recognizes outstanding work over a period of time, usually during one assignment or …Read More

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Enlisted Personnel Separation Handbook

This post contains a downloadable handbook concerning Enlisted Personnel Separation Actions.  It was prepared by the Office of the Staff Judge Advocate.  You can find this information in the ASKTOP.net Armsroom along with vast amounts of other information and classes. …Read More

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What Does it Mean to Have a Flag Removed Unfavorably?

As a Commander Know When and How to Inspect

This following is an Extract from the Book Guidebook for the Young Officer When and how should I inspect? The answer to this question depends greatly on the type of platoon sergeant you possess (as discussed earlier). However, there are …Read More

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For RC and TPU Soldiers that Have Failed the APFT Does the Word “Exempt” from the 8 Month Rule Mean I Can be Ordered to take a Record APFT Every Month?

When reading 350-1 for APFT it states"Soldiers in RC TPUs will take the APFT once each calendar year. A minimum of 8 months will separate record tests with no more than 14 months between record tests. Soldiers that require makeup testing or re-testing for an APFT failure are exempt from the 8-month rule" Does exempt from the 8 month rule mean you can be ordered to do a record every month? .. Read the Answer»

How to Relate to Your Platoon Sergeant

This following is an Extract from the Book Guidebook for the Young Officer How do I relate to my platoon sergeant? This question also begets a few comments of philosophy before directly addressing the issue. Leader-subordinate relationships have been endlessly …Read More

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Can a Soldier be Placed on the Duty Roster if they have an Approved Pass?

I have a soldier that had his pass submitted 2 weeks ago and approved last week. Now, 3 days before his pass starts, he is being told he has to pull duty over the weekend. His flight fares and hotel are non refundable. Can he be required to pull duty with an approved pass?.. Read the Answer»

What Can I Do if a Soldier is Disruptive Towards Neighbors Off Post?

I'm not sure if you can help me, but maybe you can steer me in the right direction. My parents are living next door to a military person who lives off post. The sheriff has been called numerous times by neighbors as well as my parents with several concerns. Is there anything the military can do to provide support to the neighbors? .. Read the Answer»

How Commander’s Can Conduct an Initial 1SG Counseling?

The following is an extract from the Book Company Command the Bottomline Day One with Your 1SG—Initial Counseling The most important meeting with your 1SG is the one that takes place immediately after you assume command. This is the ideal …Read More

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Can I be given a Blood Test or Breathalyzer Test If I was not scheduled for Duty?

Top, I was not scheduled for duty but the unit called an alert and I was intoxicated. Can they legal take my blood or require me to take a blood test or Breathalyzer test...if I was not for duty... Read the Answer»