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Cooking for your Soldier

Growing up as an only child, my mother never asked me to cook, thus I never learned how. After I married, cooking became a requirement, especially as I was looking for a teaching job and my husband, Jim, was a second lieutenant working LONG hours. I made tacos the first time I cooked a meal for him in our apartment in Tacoma, WA. I worked hard on that meal, chopping the ingredients and cooking the meat just right. I burned the taco shells in the oven, of course, but I still felt quite proud of Read more

Cannonball Loaves a.k.a. Hidden dangers of PCS moves

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Moving. That one word can set fear into anyone who has done it once, twice, or 20 times like most military families have. Knowing you only have six months before the truck arrives to pack up everything you own is bad enough, but a one-week notice is sometimes all you get. How many partially-used ketchup and mustard bottles have you given to (or inherited from) neighbors? It is important to check expiration dates before you use any of these gifted treasures–sometimes it is extremely necessary, Read more

Three smart methods to encourage your guests to RSVP

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Don’t you hate it when you have to take the little bit of free time you have, usually late at night when everyone else in the house is asleep, to prepare 60 invitations to the coffee that it is your turn to host?  It can be quite the process to write the invitations, address them, stamp them, and apply the return address stickers. But that is not the part you hate. You enjoy the ladies (and sometimes gentlemen) who come to your home to spend time together, share stories of how they are coping Read more