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U.S. Army Inspections: Barracks Inspection

The third article in the inspection series covers techniques and guidelines for conducting barracks inspections. Frequent barracks inspections provide leaders the ability to monitor the health and welfare of their Soldiers. Many Soldiers feel this inspection is unfair as they are subject to more inspections than the Soldiers who live off-post or in post quarters. To some degree this is understandable but Soldiers must also understand that unit leadership is directly responsible for helping to maintain the barracks and therefore must actively check the barrack to ensure proper maintenance is being conducted and that Soldiers are taking care of the barracks.

Squad leaders should be checking the barrack on an informal basis 2-3 times a week. The platoon sergeant should be conducting an informal check weekly along with the First Sergeant. These checks should include spot checking rooms for cleanliness/neatness, physical security compliance, equipment failures, and maintenance issues.

posted on 08/17/2011 under Articles
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  • Chey


    Can an NCO go through your drawers during a room inspection? If not what regulation says so?

  • rag'nar lothbrook


    im am just wondering what is the guide line or anything for the matter for a E-5 doing room inspections. i was told to open my cloest which was locked and my sgt had no reason for me open but to. i have stuff in there that they play with and mess around with. Im am wondering can i be told to open and/or forced to open by said E-5 or 1sgt when there is no reason for e open it? because my stuff us always clean, and orginazted. so can some tell me the FM or whatever where i can find it and so i can tactfully show my sgt?

  • Josh


    Hi, while we were out in the field, our command informed us that our rooms were inspected. when we returned, I found some of my personal items moved and my drawers were switched around. Then I realized that knife was gone, I had it stored in my drawer out of sight. It was very apparent that whoever inspected my room, went through my belongings. Is this allowed?

  • Austin


    I have a personal lock on my closet. Are my NCO’s allowed to make me open my lock and closet during an informal inspection? The only thing I have concrete is my SOP states that NCO support channel are only allowed to perform informal walkthroughs. It’s not that I have anything to hide, but I have items of a personal nature I would prefer not seen.

    • Mark Gerecht


      Austin check out Eck’s Response to a similiar question on 5/31/2013. Basically they can check anything in open view. Now the other way to look at is should you really fight this? Just need to choose your battles. I understand the frustration.

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