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The Unintended Consequences of Social Media, Career Ender

Fox News recently released an article about social media and the Army. See Full Article Here.

It’s a Long Weekend at Fort Anyplace

You and a few friends decide to get together and kick back, enjoy the PlayStation and the latest “Call to Duty” sequel.  The action is intense, alcohol is flowing and everything is GROOVEY.  Next thing you know some young lady’s enter the scene.  As the evening progresses and the alcohol flows you begin to prank each other, take some photos, at some point people are topless and photos are being snapped.  Comments are made and someone becomes offended.  Then everything calms down we are all friends again and we all drift off to sleep thinking everything is cool…

Some Where After the Alcohol has Started to Evaporat and Just the Sun Rises

You get a call from the 1SG….

1SG: SPC Acorn, get your butt in uniform and get to the unit NOW!

SPC Acorn: ROGER 1SG!  1SG What’s going on?

1SG: Nobody Asked you to talk Specialist in my office now!

……..20 minutes later you get the unit and pop to parade rest in front of the 1SG…no body’s talking to you…YET.  You did notice a couple of Soldiers that you partied with last night as you walked in…and OH YEAH! what were they doing talking to the Commander and MPs?  Then the moment of truth…

1SG:  SPC Acorn, any idea why you are here?

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posted on 12/04/2013 under Articles, Site News
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