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New AR 600-9 hits the Street- What Changed?

Just a quick note to let you know of the changes in AR 600-9.    There are numerous changes.  The following is an extract of the Regulation Summary page.  Notice scales must now be calibrated.

  • Changes the name of the regulation from the Army Weight Control Program to the Army Body Composition Program (title page and throughout).
  • Adds responsibility for Deputy Chief of Staff, G-3/5/7 (para 2-4).
  • Replaces U.S. Army Reserve Components Personnel Center with U.S. Army Human Resources Command (para 2-13).
  • Deletes requirement to establish an interim process to collect and maintain data for submission in an annual report (para 2-16).
  • Deletes specific procedures required prior to attendance at institutional training; clarifies suspension of favorable personnel action (Flag) process to align with current policy (chap 3).
  • Deletes specific procedures related to bars to reenlistment and administrative separations (para 3-2).
  • Exempts certain categories of Soldiers from meeting the requirements of this regulation, with the exception of the requirement to maintain a Soldierly appearance (para 3-3).
  • Replaces medical holding units with Warrior Transition Unit or Community Based Warrior Transition Unit (para 3-3a).
  • Adds time frames for specific actions, Army Body Composition Program enrollment, counseling, and evaluations for Soldiers (paras 3-6, 3-7, and table 3-1).
  • Updates definition of Army Body Composition Program progress to include 1 percent body fat loss per month (para 3-9b).
  • Clarifies procedures for Soldiers with a temporary medical condition (para 3-11).
  • Defines the Army Body Composition Program failure as 3 nonconsecutive months of less than satisfactory progress (para 3-12).
  • Clarifies procedures to request an exception to policy (para 3-17).
  • Requires weight scale calibration annually (para B-2b).
  • Updates weight loss information (app C)

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