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NCO Found Guilty for Maltreatment of Subordinates

I imagine many junior and inexperienced leaders make mistakes in the treatment of their subordinates.  Usually this occurs because they do not understand how to properly execute corrective actions, they are mirroring the actions of other leaders, or they grew up in an environment that was abusive in nature.  Either way it is the duty and responsibility of Senior Leaders to mentor these inexperienced leaders to take appropriate corrective action.  I watching a Senior NCO taking corrective action when he observed abusive actions by another leader.  He walked up to the junior leader and stated: “How would you like it if I treated you that way?” Then he walked the leader through some courses of action that would be appropriate. Then his last comment to was- If I see this time of action again I will take action against you.  Treat People They Way You Want To Be Treated! Perhaps the most important action the Senior Leader took was to have the junior leader provide a written report on “How to properly use corrective taring, what could happen to a leader that abused their authority, position, or subordinates, and what common courses of action would be appropriate for corrective training?”  There was an immediate change in that junior leader.  I know this story well because I was the Leader being corrected.  It was leaders such as my 1SG that made me a good leader by setting the example, mentoring me, and giving me a nudge in the right direction when I needed it.

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posted on 10/31/2014 under Articles, Site News
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