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MSG Owens: Soldier Training, Soldier Promotions

As a MSG with only 16 years in the Army I am often asked how I got promoted so quickly. My answer is simple: I’ve always “lucked up”! I was surrounded with great people and I took the opportunity to get to know who I work with and who I support. When I speak of getting to know someone I mean showing a genuine concern for their Family, wellbeing, and understanding their weak areas and strengths.

It is very easy to point out someone’s weaknesses however as an Leader we need to understand that no one is perfect and providing assistance or complimenting their weaknesses with your strengths can accomplish the mission with a greater sense of purpose and unify the team. Soldiers will go the extra mile if they know you care. When they personally respect you that’s leadership…all Soldiers have to respect the rank/position…that’s self-discipline. When they know you care they respect you as a leader and by extension your position.

posted on 08/04/2014 under Articles, Site News
MSG Owens is an active duty leader who has successfully served in all leadership positions from Squad Leader through Company First Sergeant. MSG Owens, was identified by senior leaders early in her career for her professionalism/unique problem solving abilities. As a result she was placed in positions of leadership and project management far beyond her grade. She served as acting 1SG when she was a Staff Sergeant. She was responsible for coordinating interactions with congressional aides, senate staff, and the Mayors of two municipalities simultaneously. After successfully serving in these positions she requested to be reassigned so she could work with Soldiers. She is a servant leader with high standards, impeccable integrity and a sincere desire to help others. I would fight any fight under any condition with her by my side.    This footer written by CSM (R) Gerecht because MSG Owens’ is far too humble!

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