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As Caregivers Can We Decide to Terminate Our End of the Family Care Plan?

My husband and I are caring for our daughter's children. She is divorced and is due to be deployed. Custody has not been settled in court. We feel our daughter needs to come home and take care of her children and the custody issues. She got in the Army, now we have the mess. Are we able to terminate a Family Care Plan?

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Bottom Line

Yes you are able to terminate your willingness to care for the children.  That said it could have significant consequences on your daughter’s ability to continue to serve in the military


Army Regulation 600-20 paragraph 5-5 covers family care plans.

Basically if you terminate your willingness to be part of the family care plan your daughter will be forced to assume parental responsibilities.  This means that she will most likely be given 30 days to find another caregiver for your grandchildren.

Should she fail to find another caregiver she will be separated from the service under Chapter 6 of Army Regulation 635-200; Separation Because of Dependency or Hardship.

posted on 02/16/2018 under Articles, Q&A
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