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Soldier Sponsorship (SOP) and Checklist (AGOH 1315-1)

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This is a soldier sponsorship (SOP) and checklist (AGOH 1315-1). It can be used as an example of how to write a soldier sponsorship (SOP), or the containd checklist AGOH 1315-1AGOH Form 1315-2, or AGOH Form 1315-3-R can be filled out. The Sponsorship Program is designed to allow for the proper integration of a new Soldier into an OHARNG unit. Sponsorship is more than an administrative requirement; it is a program to welcome and orient new team members in order to hasten the development of their productivity and feeling of usefulness. A well-orchestrated Sponsorship Program provides a positive first impression of the unit, its leaders, and the OHARNG. Leaders at all levels share in the responsibility for an effective reception, orientation, and integration program. The new Soldier’s FLL will be assigned as the sponsor upon return from RSP Gold Phase weekend (completion of AIT). New Soldiers must know from the very first day, the FLL is their POC for resolving situations (i.e. pay problems, promotion questions, and etc.) beyond their control. They need to be accustomed to taking orders from the FLL and looking to them for guidance as they progress in their military career.

NOTE: This document is in MS Word format


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  • Tania


    Thank you!! As a new commander, this really helped me set up a New Soldier Welcome Package!

    • Mark Gerecht


      Always happy to help Soldiers and Leaders. If you have any items you feel appropriate for sharing please submit them to us for review. Be sure to check out our articles and Q&A sections.
      Thanks for your service!@

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