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React to Chemical or Biological (CB) HazardAttack

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Class / briefing: Conditions: You are in an environment in which C/B weapons or unknown toxic industrial chemicals have been used by the enemy.  You are given a protective mask, an individual decontamination kit, and any one of the following automatic-masking situations occur:

  • A chemical alarm sounds.
  • A positive reading is obtained on detector paper.
  • Individuals exhibit symptoms of C/B agents or toxic industrial chemical poisoning, such as difficulty breathing, coughing, wheezing, vomiting, or eye irritation.
  • Observe a spill or cloud of unknown material(s).
  • React to an IED explosion where you suspect the release of a known or unknown toxic chemical.
  • Observe a contamination marker.
  • Supervisor orders you to mask.
  • Observe personnel wearing protective masks.
  • Observe other signs of a possible C/B agent or toxic industrial chemical attack/spill

Standards: React to a C/B agent or toxic industrial chemical hazard/attack without becoming contaminated. Properly don your protective mask within 9 seconds.  Notify your supervisor of identified or possible contamination. Start the steps to decontaminate yourself within 1 minute of finding contamination.  Decontaminate your individual equipment after you have completely decontaminated yourself.


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The Mentor - A Comprehensive Guide to Army Counseling and Leadership

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