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This training circular (TC) consolidates Guardrail and Guardrail Common Sensor aircraft into one aircrew training manual (ATM). It establishes crew member qualification and refresher, mission, and continuation training requirements. Two fatal training accidents occurred in Guardrail aircraft. After these accidents, the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Intelligence Center and Fort Huachuca, Fort Huachuca, Arizona, directed Guardrail aircrew training be reexamined. A yearlong study team reviewed aircraft certification and applicable Federal Aviation Regulations. The team conducted extensive discussions with the Federal Aviation Administration to gain an understanding of the context of pilot training versus the size of the airframe. Raytheon test pilots explained the operator’s manual performance charts and their use. In addition, the study involved the team’s going outside the Army to examine how other Super King Air (C-12) schools conduct their training. The team conducted interviews and examined the training literature of the U.S. Navy, Flight Safety International, Simuflite, and the U.S. Air Force. The flight tasks and the base task list reflect the outcome of this study. The study team carefully evaluated training benefit versus risk during the task development phase; it made the following changes: integrated crew members into training; standardized crew callouts; added behavior outcomes to standards; and allowed flexibility in the description of flight tasks. These changes were made so that pilots are not penalized for using their judgment. Adopted from the civilian section were takeoff and landing data cards that allow aircrews to develop a takeoff plan for an emergency should it occur after V1. Flight simulator training is now a mandatory element of aircrew training. High-risk training will be performed in the simulator instead of the airplane. In addition, a maintenance designated instructor pilot has replaced the maintenance test pilot evaluator. The aircraft operator’s manual contains aircraft operating procedures. If differences exist between the maneuver descriptions in the operator’s manual and this publication, this publication is considered the governing authority for training and flight evaluation purposes. If a conflict exists between this manual and TC 1-210, TC 1-210 takes precedence.

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