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Air Assault Infantry Battalion Duty Descriptions

Detailed duty descriptions for the Battalion Commander, Battalion XO, Battalion S-1, Battalion S-2, Battalion Assistant S-2, Battalion S-3, Battalion Assistant S-3,  Battalion S-3 Air, Battalion S-4, Battalion S-6,  Battalion PA, Battalion MEDO, Battalion FSO, Rifle Company Commander, Rifle Company XO, Rifle Platoon Leader, HHC Commander, Scout Platoon Leader, Mortar Platoon Leader, Heavy Weapons Company Commander, Heavy Weapons Company XO and Heavy Weapons Company Platoon Leader.  Describes the number of men that the different ranks are responsible for, who they are responsible for, the time frames they must be ready to deploy into combat, as well as all other critical and mission related responsibilities designated to each position listed.

NOTE: This document is in MS Word format

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