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ATTP 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain – Supersedes FM 3-06.11 (Previously FM 90-10-1) Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain

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ATTP 3-06.11 establishes doctrine for combined arms operations in urban terrain for the brigade combat team (BCT) and battalion/squadron commanders and staffs, company/troop commanders, small-unit leaders, and individual Soldiers. The urban environment, consisting of complex terrain, dense populations, and integrated infrastructures, is the predominant operational environment in which Army forces currently operate. It describes the fundamental principles, tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) of urban operations (UO) across full spectrum operations, using the UO operational construct (understand, shape, engage, consolidate, and transition) to outline the discussions. It primarily addresses offensive and defensive operations in an urban environment. Stability operations are briefly discussed in the context of transition considerations.

NOTES: ATTP 3-06.11 Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain  supersedes FM 3-06.11 (Previously FM 90-10-1) Combined Arms Operations in Urban Terrain


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