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Is Receiving a Counseling Statement and an Article 15 for the Same thing Double Jeopardy?
18 August, 2017

No. Counseling is an administrative action and the Article 15 a procedure under the UCMJ. Therefore it is not double jeopardy.

What Punishment Can I Expect for Lying to an NCO?
15 August, 2017

Lying is a serious offense and breach of values.  Depending on the circumstances you could be looking at full punishment under the UCMJ. If it is a Summary Article 15- 14 days restriction, 14 extra duty. If you are getting a company grade Article 15 it would be loss of 1 grade, loss of 7 days pay, 14 days restriction, 14 extra duty. I believe most leaders see lying as a serious issue, they usually will not go easy in these cases.  I would highly encourage you to be well prepared and be Read more

Unauthorized Documents for the AMHRR
14 August, 2017

The following are examples of documents that are routinely sent to HRC but are NOT AUTHORIZED for filing in the AMHRR: Certificates of training not listed in DA Pam 351-4 ITC Training and German Headstart Time Management Course Stress Management Course Counseling Techniques Course Unit Awards (these are posted to your ERB i.e., Army Superior Unit Award, Joint Meritorious Unit Award, Valorous Unit Award) Orders awarding or changing an MOS or skill identifier Illegible documents Read more

Does an SOP have to be posted or easily accessible for Soldiers to Read
10 August, 2017

Does it HAVE TO BE? No However common sense dictates the SOP be available to anyone with a need to know so they can properly do their job. What good is an SOP if  it cannot be accessed in a timely manner? There might be one exception.  If the SOP is classified then access could be curtailed based on security reasons. This is an issue that should be addressed with the chain of command and seems like an incredibly easy fix. Hope this helps TOP

Can I deny Someone from being Present During my Counseling Session?
8 August, 2017

No not usually.  Leadership can be present during the counseling session.  In some situations it is appropriate to have someone else present. If the individual present in your counseling session was a peer (not in a leadership position) or a subordinate, then this would be inappropriate. I hope this helps TOP